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Clad is a high-end new material that bonds multiple diverse metals together and retains their strengths only. It has been broadly utilized in various fields due to its excellent salt tolerance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.


Examples of use
Petrochemical/power generation plant Heat exchangers, tanks, pressure containers, seawater desalination facility, condenser, etc.
Electrical Contact Material Smelting factory, ground wire, and distributing board, large-capacity transformer, etc.
Vessel Structure Connecting Material LNG transport, regular ships and high-speed boat body, warship, etc.
Railway Structure Connecting Material Al vehicle body and lower-part steel frame for the connecting materials; crevice corrosion resistance from rivet, bolt.

Product specifications

Product specifications
Production spec weight calculation method
Thickness : 6~200T
Width : 1,000~4,400W
Length : ~15,000L
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Production spec

Thickness : 6~150T
Width : 1,000~4,171W
Length : ~13,500L
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weight calculation method

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