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DUPLEX (horizontal Scoll)

Specs Characteristics Applications
Lean Duplex contains high-strength but low-cost product which is replaceable for 304L/316L. Compared with Super Duplex and Standard Duplex, it contains little molybdenum and a low level of nickel. Therefore, the Lean Duplex is the highest corrosion resistance against nitric acid among the other three duplex steel types. It not only maintains the strengths of Duplex but is also very pricing competitive. Its demand is growing rapidly. Lean duplex stainless steels contains less alloying elements than Standard duplex and is intended for applications in which they can replace the 304 and even 316 grades. For example, lean duplex alloys are being used in many architectural applications due to its high strength, good corrosion resistance, and lower overall cost compared to 316 grade. Bulk trailer, refrigerator truck, flooring material, building exterior material, piping railway vehicles
Standard Duplex contains large amounts of chrome, molybdenum, nickel and other stiffening elements to present strong corrosion resistance.
It has excellent resistance against salt, SSC, pits, cracks, abrasion and erosion. It consists of 50% austenite and ferrite each to present excellent corrosion resistance, strength and ductility. Since it contains low Ni, its price is also very economical. Its weaknesses have been compensated for long-term and now widely utilized now. Standard duplex stainless steel (both ferritic and austenitic) is used extensively requiring good corrosion resistance and strength. This grade offers higher resistance rather than to corrosion. At temperatures above 300°C, the brittle micro-constituents of this grade undergo precipitation, and at temperatures below -50°C the micro-constituents undergo ductile-to-brittle transition.
Seawater desalination facility, water storage tank
Super Duplex is high-level alloyed steel utilized in extremely corrosive environment. It is used in the environments such as seawater with 50°C or higher or containing chlorinated materials. Super Duplex includes lots of chrome, molybdenum and nitrogen to provide good pitting and crack corrosion resistance. Moreover, at below zero temperature, it delivers excellent ductility and high shock strength. It is highly competitive to the other austenitic high alloy steel and nickel alloy steel. Super Duplex UNS S32750 combines the most desirable characteristics of both ferritic and austenitic steels. It has an excellent corrosion resistance to a wide variety of media, with an outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in seawater and other chloride containing environments due to its high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen level, with Critical Pitting Temperature exceeding 50°C. Its microstructure allows gives this grade a high strength with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity than austenitic steels. It is suitable for working temperatures up to 300°C. Polypropylene production, PVC production facility, shipbuilding, marine equipment
Super Duplex (32760) contains 50% austenite and 50% ferrite. Its chemical properties are similar to those of S32750 but it contains a little more copper and tungsten. It provides excellent resistance against pitting and crack corrosion in over 50℃ seawater and environments containing other chlorides. It has not only higher strength than those of austenite 22% Cr Duplex Grade but also, has an excellent ductility and corrosion resistance. It is not hardened by annealing process but can be stiffened in its surface by cold processing. Super Duplex Alloy UNS S32760 has an excellent corrosion resistance and a very good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in seawater and other chloride containing environments, especially where critical pitting temperatures in excess of 50°C are required. It has higher strength capabilities than both austenitic and 22% Cr Duplex Stainless Steels and is covered in NACE MR 01 75 for sour service and suitable for pressure vessel application Chemical process, marine, oil and gas pollution control business, food industry

Chemical property / mechanical property (horizontal Scoll)

내열강 화학적/기계적 성질
Specs C Cr Ni Mo N Other Internal force(0.2%)
tensile strength(0.2%)
strain rate
32101 0.04 21-22 1.35-1.7 0.1-0.8 0.2-0.25 Cu ≥450 ≥650 ≥30 ≤290 ≤31  
32304 0.03 21.5-24.5 3-5.5 0.05-0.6 0.05-0.2 Cu ≥400 ≥600 ≥25 ≤290 ≤32  
31803 0.03 21-23 4.5-6.5 2.5-3.5 0.08-0.2 ≥450 ≥620 ≥25 ≤293 ≤31  
32205 0.03 22-23 4.5-6.5 3-3.5 0.14-0.2 ≥450 ≥655 ≥25 ≤293 ≤31  
32750 0.03 24-26 6-8 3-5 0.24-0.32 Cu ≥550 ≥795 ≥15 ≤310 ≤32  
32760 0.03 24-26 6-8 3-4 0.2-0.3   ≥550 ≥750 ≥25 ≤270 ≤28  

* based on ASTM CODE

Examples of use

  • bulk trailer

    bulk trailer

  • seawater desalination facility

    seawater desalination facility

  • PVC production facility

    PVC production facility